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Top-3-Review brings you the 2012 Top 3 Picks for obtaining online background checks that provide searches including criminal background checks and public records checks on absolutely anyone you want to know about.  Our specialists have reviewed hundreds of sites which are related to public records, criminal background checks and online investigations to save you time and money.  Top-3-Review will give you the most accurate and up-to-date information about these kinds of services.

Based on our thorough review, we can only recommend 3 sites that have met our stringent standards to being superior sources of criminal background checks and public records checks.  These 3 sites have been compiled and are being provided by reputable and legal companies who specialize in this type of service.  They will provide you with great sources for criminal background checks and public records checks while offering you great customer service and the most current and comprehensive databases.

All our recommendations below are ranked according to a set of criteria.  Those criteria are pricing, ease of use, support, value, quality of content, guarantee and overall popularity among users like private investigators, law enforcers, lawyers and private individuals like you who search criminal background records and US public records.

2012 Top 3 Picks

Company: Government Registry

Price:  $39.95 - 1 Year Membership

Guarantee:  100% Money Back Guarantee

We love this website due to its huge database of over 1 billion public records available.  Government Registry is our most highly recommended and top service of its kind available online.  It is the #1 all-in-one nationwide public background check resource site which includes criminal background check searches, arrest warrant searches, arrest record searches, police record searches, etc.

Government Registry ranked the highest in terms of the criteria mentioned above and we love this site for its easy to use interface and most importantly, pricing.  In comparison to different websites, this is arguably the cheapest and most affordable for the kind of features and details you get.

Within 1 minute you will have access to unlimited searches of people lookups, arrest warrants, arrest records, inmate records, marriage records, death records, sex offender records, census records, court records, cell phone trace, plus exclusive access to criminal records, civil records, all-in-one background checks and more!

If you can not find out the truth about anyone you want to know about utilizing Government Registry, then most likely you won't find it anywhere else on the internet..

"Gain access to over 1 billion public records"

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Company:Court Records
Website: www.CourtRecords.org
Rank: #2 
Price:  $39.95 - 1 Year Membership
Guarantee:  100% Money Back Guarantee

Description: This is one of the better resources we have found for anyone looking for any type of court record, whether it is criminal records, arrest warrants, criminal histories, or civil records, like marriage or address records.

Court Records search results may include full criminal check showing felonies, misdemeanors and sex offenses.  They have a 20 year address history with phone numbers and details.  Reports will include national arrest & court warrants, national federal & state tax liens, national federal & civil judgments, national federal & state bankruptcies, list of relatives with addresses, roommates and associates, age/date of birth, alias/maiden name, possible neighbors, property ownership, marriages/divorces, death index check, dui records and more.

Court Records ran a very close 2nd.

"Find out the truth about anyone in one minute"

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Company: Civil Records
 www.Civil Records.org

Price:  $29.95 - 1 Year Membership

Guarantee:  100% Money Back Guarantee

Description:  With Civil Records, practically any type of information is available about anyone, except for very sensitive personal information such as financial and credit card data, passwords, medical records, driving records, insurance records, employment history, social security records and other non-public information.

The categories and reports available to search include Bankruptcy Records Search, Birth Records Search, Business Records Search, Comprehensive Background Search, Court Records Search, Criminal Records Search, Death Index Search, Email Search, Federal Records Search, Legal/Civil Judgments Search, Marriage/Divorce Search, People Search, Person Report, Property Records, Relatives Search, Reverse Cell Phone Search, Reverse Landline Phone Search, Reverse IP Search, Sex Offender Search, SSN Validation Search, Vessel/Watercraft Records Search, and Warrant Search.

We highly recommend this site because of it's wide variety of categories and reports available on anyone.

"Search anyone starting in the next 2 minutes"

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